Choreographies of the Circle & Other Geometries

A research project on socio-technical protocols for collaborative audio-visual live coding and a corresponding peer-to-peer environment programmed in JavaScript.

The project reflects how language boundaries are enacted through the computing environment and the society at large. It explores how movement, gestures, discourses, and behaviours are choreographed and communicated through the apparatuses at work and how our hybrid digital systems and transdisciplinary research practices co-construct each other. It is informed by on-going research and recollection of musical and choreographic sources and scores that reference principles of non-linear composition, non-hegemonic time and space constructs, techno-feminist understandings.

Project initiated by Joana Chicau & Renick Bell — > Get in t@uch!

November 2020: Performing at DA Z - Digital Art Zurich
¡We received a research grant by - Creative Industries Fund NL Digital Culture programme for the year 2020!

The research project is supported by: